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Are you interested in Bayesian computation? Would you like to participate in activities to promote your research and learn about the latest research in Bayesian computation? Join BayesComp-ISBA!

We welcome researchers at any level. To become a BayesComp-ISBA member, subscribe to ISBA here. In the memberships form you will have the possibility to add your one-year membership to BayesComp-ISBA (Bayesian Computation Section) for only $5 more, or even a lifetime membership for $75.


Check out past and upcoming events organized or endorsed by BayesComp-ISBA!

Our flagship event is the biennial Bayes Comp conference, which is the current incarnation of the popular MCMSki series of conferences.

Registration is currently open for the Measuring the Quality of MCMC Output workshop in October, 2021. You can find more details here.

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Who are the BayesComp-ISBA board members? A list with the past board members is also available on our official webpage here. See also our bylaws here. Consider joining our board in the future! Contact us if you are interested.